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MRAWEBTV now in ENGLISH as well

Scritto il 08/09/2017
da Elisabet L. Rose

THURSDAY THE 14TH OF SEPTEMBER from 6:00 o’clock am Italian hour (CEST) and on the 13th SEPTEMBER at 21:00 PDT, 00:00 EDT in AMERICA for the first time ever, MRAWEBTV will broadcast its transmissions in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE ON THE TOPIC OF "THE GREAT SCIENCE OF THE DEPROGRAMMING".

Moreover, MASTER MRA Riccardo Villanova will have a LIVE transmission on the same day – the 14th September - with simultaneous translation in both ENGLISH and ITALIAN.


The Deprogramming of the Soul has this name because through your body and your mind, through the cleansing of the cells and the cleansing of the mind you will be able to deprogram your heart and your Soul and enter in contact with your divine Nume or Higher Self.  

In Antiquity this practice was named Purification and it was usually done by all those who wanted to walk the path of Wisdom and who wanted to reach their Divine Self and gain Immortality. It was also called the Royal Art because later on it was given only to Kings and Queens and its secrets have never been revealed until now.


On the 14th of September you will be able to follow the transmissions on the official website of Master MRA by clicking this direct link:

Or in the APP at the LIVE section:


You are welcomed!