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The Sacred Mysteries of del Bosco Sacro

Scritto il 05/06/2017
da Alessio Sammarco

The Great Goddess is the first religion of the human being. Vivian Del Lago (Vivian of the Lake) descendent of the Order of Diana and the sole representative of Del Bosco Sacro di Nemi (The Sacred Grove of Nemi), has given the right to speak about the ancient techniques that were known only to the Priestesses of del Bosco Sacro di Nemi described in Frazer’s book “The Golden Bough”.

An ancient legend says that the Goddess Diana loved to see Her reflection in the waters of the Lake of Nemi and for this reason it has been called for centuries “the mirror of Diana” and on those shores there was a sanctuary dedicated to Her.


The Mysteries of del Bosco Sacro are unknown today and are different from those of the ancient religion because they are much older. The name DIANA derives from the antique terminology DIA that indicates the True God and the union of the Two Gods, of two consciousness that are inside the human being – the Masculine and the Feminine, but also two intelligences without body that loved the human races so much thay had giving them ways of ascending from the depths of the forest.

The Mysteries of Del Bosco Sacro are both feminine and masculine.

The feminine mysteries are carried by Diana del Bosco Sacro or Vivian del Lago, the 38th High

Priestess in a direct line, and the masculine ones are transmitted by Dianus

del Bosco Sacro also known as Master Riccardo Villanova MRA.

These mysteries are like the rays of light that penetrate the forest granting life to the undergrowth… they light the matter that is in the darkness. Master Riccardo Villanova is the Guardian of the Order and the one who transmits the knowledge while Vivian del Lago is the descendant and the keeper of these mysteries.

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