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“The dragon, what is the dragon?

Scritto il 31/05/2017
da Elisabet l rose

The dragon is your ego.

The dragon is the 7 headed hydra. The dragon is that mask that you took when you came to this planet.
The dragon is that mask you’ve been given, from those that are in charge on this plane, this kingdom.
The dragon must be killed.
It must be opened, his interiors must be taken, so they can be used to do a very important alchemical job.
His heart must be taken, that one that’s beating, that’s pushed by a vulgar fire, a humid one.
But in obscure humidity, it must be distilled even more, allowing it to evaporate, allowing it to become a continuing burning fire, a very subtle one.

The dragon must be stomped on in initiation.

Many years back I was initiated into the Ammonium Order. They made me symbolically stomp on a dragon.
During my passage, every head of the dragon was stomped on.
Every head indicated each one of the seven sins that are attached to the human soul, from the seven worlds or the seven planes.
This was all symbolical of course. An INITIATE is someone that has done something, while instead you call a NEOPHYTE someone that goes into this different and new life, this initiating one. The word derives from neo fitos, meaning, new plant, something new that’s just been planted in your mind.
To be good neophytes you must establish your principles.
The first one is to understand that you`re under the dominance of the dragon.
This dragon that hits everyone, and that in this world, becomes the absolute dragon that is presented in the apocalypse of in the revelation.
You mustn’t see the apocalypse as something destructive, but instead as a revelation, meaning that things will be revealed.
Within the Ammonium Order, the apocalypse, at an initiating level, indicates the path that leads to the 7th chakra, or the 7th superior center. We would call it the superior point.

The dragon is put back into the uterus of the earth, where there is a cold, very cold fire.
This very cold and very slow fire restrains it`s spirit, transmuting it, and allowing it to grow as a new plant.
This plant consequently will take in oxygen and give back life, being that it`s kissed by the sun of the superior self or Numen.

This is the individualistic path, this is the alchemical path, the magical one, that unfortunately is very misunderstood.
Magic is the science of absolute will, while instead alchemy is the science of transmutations.
When we speak of the dragon we are always speaking of death and resurrection.

Be like S. Giorgio.
Master MRA”