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Scritto il 27/05/2017
da Elisabet l rose

The Art of Vegetal Alchemy as taught by Master Riccardo Villanova MRA is based on the marvelous Vegetal World and is the part of the Great Alchemy which has the capacity to heal, to help you ascend towards the higher planes, to make you relax and escape stress and to reach the hidden or occult planes. It is the starting point in the Achemical Work. It was also called Liquid Art or Humid Path. It is a beautiful Path filled with pleasant perfumes, oils, ointments which leads the human soul to a word of knowledge, beauty and love and to the knowledge of their Higher Self or Nume. In this course you will learn how to relieve your own diseases and of those close to you with the ancient actions revealed in ALCHEMY and its active healing principles.

The Deprogramming of the Soul has this name because through your body and your mind, through the cleansing of the cells and the cleansing of the mind you will be able to deprogram your heart and your Soul, because your Soul dwells in the heart. With it you will be able to immediately feel the silence of the mind and reach your divine Nume.
In Antiquity this practice was named “Purification” and it was usually done by all those who wanted to walk the path of Wisdom and who wanted to reach their Divine Self. It was also called the “Royal Art” because later on it was practiced only by Kings and Queens and its secrets have never been revealed until now. Duration of the course: 12 online lessons which can be downloaded by the practitioner at his own pace.

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Further information can be found here: Vegetal Alchemy
The Deprogramming of the Soul

I am always at your disposal,
Elisabet L Rose